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AIM receives A320 for engine shop visit

| Nadja Martinussen |

We are excited to announce that we have just received an A320 at our Pinal location for an engine shop visit.

Did you know that AIM is the only MRO in the region offering truly all-in-one solutions for your airframe and engine support and repair needs?

This project is a perfect example of our capabilities. The customer flies their aircraft to our Pinal airport location, where we receive it and place it into a short-term storage program.

We then remove the engines and transport them using our own semi-trucks to our nearby engine modular shop for a thorough shop visit.

Once ready, we reinstall the engines, return the aircraft to service, and allow it to continue its journey.

All of this is done in record time, under one roof, by a team with over 30 years of experience.

Does this sound like something you might want to try? Contact us, and we’ll be delighted to support you with your aircraft and engine maintenance needs.