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AIM at MRO Americas 2023 Aviation Week, April 2023

From April 18 – 20, 2023 AIM was in attendance at the Aviation Week MRO America’s annual exhibition in Atlanta, GA. The event provided the company with an opportunity to forge new connections and cement existing ones; it also provided a forum to discuss key industry trends and forecasts, receive the latest information from America’s airliners on their fleet and maintenance strategies, and delve into essential technical know-how such as cybersecurity and alternative propulsion systems. 

There were “big smiles from the big MRO in Atlanta. It was a great turn-out and we enjoyed the opportunity to connect with our customers and network with new ones.”

Craig Grave, President, AIM
(Pictured left to right) Paolo Paravano, Director of Organizational Operations; Kate McDonald, HR Manager; Craig Grave, President; Sarah Grave, Sales Assistant
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